Full-spectrum Services
for Investment Funds in Europe

The Ci Fund Solutions group has a focus on various services within the fund industry aiming at offering a full-spectrum-service. Its subsidiaries all over Europe provide marketing, fund distribution, IT and fund management services.

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The Ci Fund Solutions services consist of fund administration, IT service and fund distribution & marketingThe Ci Fund Solutions services consist of fund administration, IT service and fund distribution & marketing

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Fund Distribution

CAPinside GmbH

CAPinside connects asset managers with high quality investors. For their partners CAPinside provides services in marketing, events and fund distribution. The platform offers an extensive toolkit for fund research and analysis for all financial intermediaries.
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Fund Administration

Ci Alpina Fund Management S.A.

Alpina Fund Management S.A., based in Luxembourg, offers innovative fund solutions for institutional and high-net-worth clients. Alpina is licensed as a Chapter 15 Management Company (UCITS), as well as an Alternative Investment Fund Manager (Super-ManCo).
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IT Service

CAPinside Solutions GmbH

CAPinside Solutions develops high quality software solutions in order to improve financial processes, enhance efficiency and drive positive outcomes for businesses as well as stakeholders. Their services include consulting and technology, cloud and DevOps engineering and UX/UI design.
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IT Service Distribution

Ci SaaS

Ci SaaS (Software as a Service) is a cloud computing model where software CAPinside applications are provided to users over the internet on a free or paid basis. Instead of purchasing and installing software on individual computers or servers, we offer to access the applications through a web browser or a lightweight client.